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We are a complete alternative medicine and cancer treatment center conveniently located in Melbourne, Florida.  Holistic Health Center offers non-invasive health assessment testing to find nutritional deficiencies and hair mineral testing to locate toxic heavy metals in the body causing numerous health problems. Upon test results, Dr. Kilday counsels on lifestyle changes and supplementation. Dr. Kilday is at Holistic Health Center daily and is available for Spiritual and nutritional consultations.


What we do..

The Holistic Health Center offers an extensive program of holistic services and alternative medicine including allergy elimination, natural hormone therapies, cancer treatments and alternative medicine for each gender, along with natural supplements. HHC specializes in natural nutritional therapies for cancer and has introduced the “Winning Against Cancer Program”. View more about our Services in the services menu above.

We are committed to nutritional health and well-being throughout Brevard County. Here you can access an array of holistic resources and services, all designed to provide an individually customized map to health optimization using the best natural supports.


Holistic Health Center has Expanded to Four Locations

Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, Owner, Doctor of Natural Health and Developer of the Winning Against Cancer Program will be be available by appointment only at 4 office locations in 4 cities – Palm Bay, Melbourne, Merritt Island, and Viera. Please call 321-549-0711 for appointments and location addresses 3. Vitamin sales will continue by being personally delivered by Dr. Kilday or ordered via phone or online ( and shipped to the customer.

Dr. Kilday states “We are excited about these changes and making my services available in 4 locations rather than 1. This makes it more convenient for our #1 priority – our customers.” Dr. Kilday will continue to help clients suffering from cancer and suggesting they try his Winning Against Cancer Program.

What if you can go to 1 place, meet with a Holistic Doctor and get all the clinical studies on vitamins, herbs, homeopathic medicines that have had positive results on reversing cancer. Well that place is Holistic Health Center. Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD has personally sourced and reviewed these clinical studies. You no longer have to go on the internet and try to cipher through the maze of alternative treatments for cancer. Dr. Kilday has done that already and by making an appointment with Dr. Kilday he will personally assist you with supplements and positive research studies from his print and/or digital library. “Shall we begin your Journey of Natural Healing?”

Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD will consult with clients on an hourly basis at the following locations by appointment only.

Palm Bay, Fl. Location:

The Knowledge Exchange
5151 Babcock Street, NE
Palm Bay, Fl. 32905

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Merritt Island, Fl. Location:

Please Call

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Viera, Fl. Location

Suntree Business Center
3270 Suntree Blvd.
Viera, Fl. 32940

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Melbourne, FL Location

The 1900 Building, LLC
1900 South Harbor City Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901

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Holistic Health Center’s new mailing address only is 1509 Alpha St NE, Palm Bay, Fl. 32907